September 2016

Bespoke is the word and being personal is the key!

in today mass produced consumer market, having the same thing like everyone else is boring!
Hence we set aside an afternoon to distill our very own signature perfume unique to our very own character and traits!

Be Yourself! Be Special!

What is your scent?

Scent means different things to different people and thus it is never ever nice to share the same perfume smell as others.

We do not want to be mistaken as the "forgotten girlfriend/ boyfriend" whom using the same brand of perfume.

Hence it is great to have our very own perfume scent that will let those around you know that it is signaturely yours!

Getting to know Yourself

Who Are You?

Many of us will think we really know ourselves but a simple test is the first step to the creation of the perfume that reflects your character and personality. Thus it is a critical step that one needs to spend quiet thoughts on...

Knowing more about Perfume

We beginning by knowing more about scent, types of perfume and the different prices of perfume in the market.

We had a belly laughing time competing to answer the quiz questions as we slug it out to be the "most knowledgeable" team!

The making of bespoke perfume.....

This process requires intense drop more or less of the needed ingriedients will concoct a different scent that will not truly reflect your personaiity...even thought the scent will still be nce...but aim is to be as close to your pwn "secret formula" as possible!
Our very own bespoke perfume finally!
After some time of very intense focus and calibration, our final product is ready for debut : step aside other brands and here comes our own branded perfume!
July 2016

Unleash the artistic and creative potential within us

We had a fun filled and creative afternoon as we learn to create our very own masterpieces from our imagination! 
We were all truly inspired that we can really bring ideas to reality with the power of belief, focus and fun

The beginning

Discover the Best You!

Everything material in the work start from a thought...every visible thing starts from the invisbile...

We all discover that we all need to have a clear vision of the end painting and keep the picture clearly in mind in the creation of the artwork...

Same principles applies in our pursuit of the desired life we wanted and we need to always keep focus on what we wanted and believe we are able to create a masterpiece for our life!

The Apprentice 

Getting ready to create the treasured artwork...Tips and guidance on how to paint the best painting possible by our master...Never seen such attentive students before for an art class...perhaps everyone realised they have to keep their final artwork and hence doing their best to pick up necessary knowledge as much as possible :)
Laying the foundation 
Similar to life, we need a good foundation for our items to focus on "pop up"...Clarity of thought and keeping focus is key
Everyone starts with a basic concept 
We must know the basic things we want on our painting and keep it simple and as the core concept and the rest will be easy...
Magic in the making
Final collectible artwork after right brain work

Nothing beats the happiness from taking a photo with our very own masterpiece work that was created with our bare hands
May 2016

We fight as a team in our battle for our dreams!

A heart throbbing fast paced action afternoon as we learn more about ourselves as a leader in unexpected situations.
At the end of the day, everyone has elevated their organisation and leadership skills and more prepared in the face of challenges!

Do we look like new recruits for a army batallion?

Our "enlistment" photos before the big battles! Everyone is chirpy and not afraid of the sun like a true soldier! 
The final photo shot before the showdown
Knowing the terrain where the battles will be held and knowing the rules of the battle proved to be crucial in sperating the winners from the losers. Knowing your team own strengths is also pivotal in ensuring optimising everyone potential!
?New Age Rambos
All trying to look good in the battle outfit but soon we get to know that looks does not count but strategy and teamwork will ultimately decide the battles outcome! Well at least for a moment, we need to look tough to scare off our opponents!
Even though our weapons are not the real ones but they still provide us with the adrenaline rush!!
Combat Skirmish on Channel U
Combat Skirmish on Channel OKTO
Offensive or defensive?
Many teams finally realised that being on the active offensive will work to their favor then being simply defensive
Where is the enemy?
Hunting down the enemies...where are you? I am ready to take you down !
What are we suppose to do?
Who will emerge the ultimate winner?
Leadership is  crucial to every minute in battle...being confused and loss for direction will not help your team!
The battle begins and each team starts to comb the terrain for enemies...the team with the right strategy and mindset will eventually take down the fortress!
  1. Fighting in group
    Fighting in group
    All for one and one for all...You move and I cover you...either we survive as a team or we perish as individuals
  2. Girls Power
    Girls Power
    Who say ladies cannot fight and achieve the desired results? Interestingly, those teams with ladies fared better in this combat battles!

A Perfect Day for all our Warriors!

As we sweated it out in the battlefield, we have truly enjoyed ourselves and bring back memories that will last a lifetime...

We are all looking forward to our next meetup in July !

See you folks!
 February 2016
 We raise our Financial Quotient 
A thrilling and heart racing afternoon as we learn to master the basics of creating passive income through the various asset classes and truly understaning how to become a multi millionaire in good and bad times!
We are all now TOTALLY CONFIDENT our our financial futre as we know we can create wealth ANYTIME with our very own minds!

We start by learning the Rules of The Rich
Life is a game...To win the game, we must FIRST understand and master the rules of the game! Many people go through life not understanding or apllying the rules and hence at the end of the day ended up with nothing or things that they did not wanted!
!Start Of Rat Race
We began by starting in the rat race as we craft strtaegies and work as a team to get on the fast track of the multi millioniares! It is never an easy task to create passive income but however at the end of the day, it is worth it as only then will we truly appreciate the power of passive income over active income!
Sharing and Learning 

The wise will learn from other experiences...The fool will learn from his own

GIven the multitude of possibilities of each game, the fastest way to have a quantum leap in our learning is through the experience sharing of others so that we can avoid such mistakes in real life game of investment
Celebration of our Financial Intelligence 
After a couple of hours of intense excitement and hardwork, we gather together to celebrate our better understanding the secrets of the rich and how to apply what we learned to escape from the real life rat race!
November 2015
!We mould our Future

A fun filled afternnon as we learn to turn ordinary clay into masterpiece artwork

We were empowered to learn that anything is within our imagination and we all can create things beautiful limited only with our imagination. What we think and believe we will create and achieve!
Begin with End In Mind

It all starts with visualisation of the end product

Albert Einstein " Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world."
We are more creative than we can imagine, our brains and hands can create miracles beyond our own knowledge

team work makes the dream work

We are a team not because we are together...we are a team because we respect trust and care for each other
Every team member brings to the team different talents and creativity and with a combined effort, we can achieve more than what we can possibly imagine
" A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind" 
Bill Bethel

is in the details

"Everything is important, that success is in the details."
Steve jobs
We learn in the moulding ot the clay that every step, every detail is important and everything adds up the final is a difference between producing a mediocre finished item or creating a masterpriece that one will be proud of
As long as we enjoy our work, everything will be a fun journey and eventually the outcome will be good too!

it is not easy but it is worth it

After nearly 2 hours plus of working on an idea, the final product is born ! with careful hands and refinements, the masterpiece is a reward for one's continual focus during the process
"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is victory."
Mathama Ghandi
We all learn that as long as we put in our very best effort, whatever turns out will be definitely be a product that we will be proud of. Most importantly inthe process, we will grow to be a better person.
"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." 
John Ruskin
Nothing beats the satisfaction on the smiling faces of everyone as we finally finished our personal mugs...Hooray for everyone!!
Make your life a masterpiece!