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I am Ong Gee

I empower ordinary people to elevate themselves , to think bigger and to grow to live their dreams. 

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What does living young and being young mean to you? 
TO me it is about our mindset, our body, our lifestyle, our looks and our activities...
It is a completely new attitude to a way of living...As the saying goes, "If we don't do wild things while we are young, we'll have nothing to smile about when we are old!" 
We need to take chances while we are young so that we will have stories to tell when we are old!
We are all unique..there can never be anyone person like us. Don't waste our lives imitating and trying to be someone else..We should all be ourselves but be our very best self. We should all strive to bring out the best in us as we are all born champions ( according to biological science ) We must not be born like an original but die like a copy! 
So let us
Hi, this is my blog site that show my life in a summary and the nice things about our wonderful world and what keeps me ticking.
It is on my inspiration, my social life, my travel, my passion, my work, my beliefs and values and my life.
Let this blog be a e book that will help record special things, events and relationships that leaves imprints in my memory

Quote of the Month

"We as human beings have the privilege , responsibility and power to transform the lifes of our youth - one child at a time - with our work."  Unknown

Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams!