Memorable European Cruise of 3 Amazing Cities
​April 29 - May 3 2016
We had 3000 pax onboard the brand new luxury cruise liner Ovation of The Seas...It was a perfect thrilling experience being onboard the ship and off the ship touring the beautiful cities....This trip have left long lasting memories that words could hardly describe...Common comment was ..."it was too short and we are reluctant to leave..." Adios Ovation of The Seas and wishing you many successful voyages ahead!
Ovation of The Seas
Redifining Luxury Cruise
This high technology and high touch cruise liner left all of us amazed and totally satisfied and looking forward to a return journey with the ship or their sister ships soon...a must visit for those with family!
Our European Tour of Belgium, London & Paris
Unforgetable memories that is tied to fun peope, beuatiful scenery and crazy things that we do together! Have you ever travel with 3000 pax and recieve first class treatment everywhere you go?
Join us for our next Dubai & Abu Dhabi trip in 2017! 
Rome May 3 - May 11 2016 
A heady mix of haunting sights, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy's Eternal City is one of the world's most beautiful and inspiring capitals. We get to travel back in time as we visited the Roman Colloseum and envision how the gladiators fought. We also covered most of the tourist must visit spots including taking a day trip to Pompeii Naples to understand how the Romans lived morre than 300 years ago

We stayed a total of 8 nights at Westin Excelsior hotel in Rome. One that is truly a luxurious 5 star hotel and rich in heritage
my travel - Yunnan Dec 2015

Stone Forest









“孔雀放飞” 节目, 才得知原来孔雀能飞那么高那么远!







Conrad Bali
Sep 2015

Escape from the haze again in late September...This is what time and financial freedom can provide you...just book a ticket and leave! we chose Conrad for its child friendfly facilities and huge landscape

Bali Zoo 
Be up close, really close with the animals!
This zoo is different from the rest we have seen as it provides real close up encounters with the wild animals and you even get to pet a real LION! How often do you get a chance to do that?!?

Hong Kong 
Sep 2015

Family trip to Disneyland to take a break from the haze.
We have close encounters with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto since we stayed in both Disneyland & Hollywood Hotels for 4 nights and the remaining 3 nights in Intercontinental Hong Kong.
A trip with memories that will last a lifetime for the little ones
Norway April 2015

A luxurious cruise holiday around Norway : home to inspiration of Frozen Movie!

Norway is a place full of scenic mountains, fjords and the famed long daylights ( you will still see sun in the midnight!).
We visited Oslo : Oslo is the fastest-growing capital in Europe. Yet, it is far from the only Norwegian city being a hotbed for exciting food, music and culture. Explore Norway's urban areas.
We alos toured Bergen :Founded more than 900 years ago, Bergen has roots to the Viking Age and beyond.
Stavanger is also one of our stopover : 
The city of natural highs
Breathtaking surroundings with beautiful fjords, mountains and long, white beaches. As a former European Capital of Culture, Stavanger also boasts an impressive assortment of museums and cultural events.
Norwegian Holiday
a brief recap of our fun filled trip
This is one of the place we must visit in our lifetime and especially to bring our children along so that Frozen movies literally come to life with the scenic mountains, fjords,daylights and the trolls as backdrop!

Osaka & Kyoto
March 2015

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A different trip with 1600 pax!
Osaka & Kyoto is never the same with more than 1000 like minded friends!
Have you ever flood Universal Studios with 1000 plus friends? Have you ever have boats reserved specially for you?  Japan is never the same when you travel with us!
my travel - London 2014
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Sydney 2014