Me & My Bentley Flying Spur
!Luxury 7899 Car Ride Fun Day
It is really a thrilling car ride day as we are treated to not only one but 6 ultra luxury cars! From luxury sedans to the sporty BMW I8! Our only conclusion is that all are awesome cars and our only regret for the day is the happy times passes too fast! 
Fun Ferrrari Car Ride Day

Let Our Hair down and Speed up our drive with Ferrari on a cool Saturday Morning

We have a chance to drive the Ferrari F430, a model that has been very successful in Ferrari line of cars, judging by the number of units sold in the world. A superb fun car that never fails to thrill!
The cars I rented 

While on business or family trips

The cars in my life

These are all the cars that have travelled with me in my life journey

Every car is special to me as they are not just a transport vehicle but one that carries with them beautiful memories when we were together
My 2nd car 1998 (10 yr old S300 )
Event though many say this is an uncle car, I still go ahead to purchase it...On hindsight, I think while I was driving this car, many may think this belongs to my dad!
My car before I started business in 2001
As I started my current business, I have to stay lean and mean to survive..This korean car served me well and brought me to many parts of Malaysia
My very first car in 1996 Mazda Astina
My 1st brand new car in 2003
My very first car when i first got my driving license! Still remember the thrill and euphoria when I first got my car keys!
As my business improves and I started to make small fortune with my business, I sold off my old korean buddy and change to this cute "green apple". Till date, I still miss this car
  1. 2009 Brand New Mercedes SLK
    2009 Brand New Mercedes SLK
    First milestone in my life that I buy a brand new sports car : MERC SLK. Sold my BMW to get hold of this beauty
  2. 2005: My fourth car
    2005: My fourth car
    The very first time I own 2 cars. A used Mercedes E200 and a Hyundai Matrix
  3. 2006: BMW 320I
    2006: BMW 320I
    First time in life buying a brand new BMW , sold my Hyundai Matrix to change to this car...was reluctant to part with the Little Green Apple that served me well for couple of years
  4. 2007 Suzuki Escudo
    2007 Suzuki Escudo
    Sold my Mercedes and change to this cute 3 door of the head turner car in Singapore as it is one and the only car then in Singapore
  1. 2015 :My current ride
    2015 :My current ride
    Sold my CLS to officially enter into league of super cars : brand new Bentley Flying Spur
  2. 2009 Audi Q5 Brand New
    2009 Audi Q5 Brand New
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  3. 2012 Brand New BMW X6
    2012 Brand New BMW X6
    Upsize my Q5 to X6..powerful car with a look to match
  4. 2011 Brand New CLS350
    2011 Brand New CLS350
    Upsize my car from SLK to CLS...because of family commitment and a need for sportiness...this is my best choice car

Near Future Car : Ferrari 

The bright red Ferrari : every car loving fan dream...if just one day we can get our hands on the steering wheel of a super fast red Ferrari...not just driving them but actually owning the vehicle ...we will keep our dreams alive and look forward to the very day we can give our friends a lift...

Future Second Car : Rolls Royce Ghost

Nothing beats the king of the roads : Rolls Royce...Given the narrow small roads of Singapore, we guess Ghost will be a perfect choice for us...And hopefully by then, we will get a chauffeur to go with this car...but maybe I will be the chauffeur then, who knows?